Shared yacht tours with Xclusive Yachts to explore the Dubai Sea

One of the raving videos in the social world of TikTok and Instagram reels in the UAE now is Yacht Rental Dubai. The top noted video featuring private yacht rental experience in Dubai has over 93K views and 2.9K interactions. People from all over the world are visiting Dubai not only to capture their best photos but to make TikTok videos and Instagram reels.

How two female entrepreneurs are redefining the lake travel industry

Two Virginia entrepreneurs say a stroke of serendipity and the faith of a revered colleague led them to the business opportunity of their dreams. Now Andie Gibson and Jennifer Church are taking the project – – to the next level to honor their friend and associate Brian Raub, who died of duodenal cancer in 2021.

Top four things to do on your summer trip to Antalya

Summer is just around the corner and it is time to plan your summer vacation! The first and most popular destination among European travelers is Turkey. However, the COVID pandemic changed our style of life, and right now, we can’t travel as we used to. But the borders of Turkey aren’t closed; you still can buy your air tickets, book an airport transfer and go to Istanbul, Antalya, Alanya, or any other Turkish resort. To visit this country, you need to have a negative PCR test, wear masks, and register your HES code after your arrival.