Ten Off-the-Beaten-Track Destinations in Asia you must visit

10 Off-the-Beaten-Track Destinations in Asia you must visit

Finding ten off-the-beaten-path places in Asia isn’t easy, mainly because it’s not the type of destination known for its hidden gems. Asia has long been a popular mecca for travelers, attracting thousands of tourists. However, digging deeper, you’ll discover there’s so much more to these destinations than just beach bars and nightclubs. There are still some truly incredible and untouched paradises to be found.

Cinnamon Shore welcomes guests for summer season fun

Cinnamon Shore, the first New Urban vacation community on the Texas Coast, will kick off its summer season on Memorial Day. After a sold-out spring break and full Easter weekend, it anticipates a strong shoulder season next fall as well.

Freeland Mgt has announced its agreement with DPZ CoDESIGN

Freeland Management announced recently that it has entered into an agreement to engage world renowned planning and architecture firm DPZ CoDESIGN to assist in the reimagination and design of the family-owned 4.5-acre parcel located on the bayfront in downtown Fort Myers Beach. 

Seeking adventure? Try these 10 road trip spots in the USA

Road trips have always been and will always be a popular hobby in the US. I can’t imagine a better way to explore the enormous assortment of magnificent coastal vistas, breathtaking valleys, cliffs, lush forestry, and infinite desert-rugged terrain than being behind the wheel. Nothing compares to loading up the car, cueing up a few new mixtapes, a few podcasts, and setting out for an adventure. Read on to discover the location of your upcoming cross-country road trip from our list of the top 10 road trips in the USA.