Country Garden Forest City becomes top Malaysian destination

Since the COVID-19 pandemic stabilized in 2022, Country Garden Forest City, located next to the second border crossing between Singapore and Malaysia, is gradually regaining its former vitality. On the heels of the pandemic in Malaysia having stabilized since last year and the country having gradually relaxed its control policies, many Singaporeans and Malaysians have been posting comments and sharing their travel experiences around the region on Facebook and other social media. One locale with frequent mentions is Country Garden Forest City, located in Johor Bahru. The destination has been attracting not only local travelers but also many tourists coming from afar.

Keep the fun going: The Top travel credit cards for 2023

Travel credit cards are lifesavers in the travel industry, particularly for frequent travelers. This program has enabled several travelers to cut the cost of trips, making travel much cheaper than once thought. It is made possible by redeeming points and cashback after several subscriptions and payments.