Bolivar Beach Club to become Camp Margaritaville RV Resort

Margaritaville announces that the Bolivar Beach Club & RV Resort located on the Upper Texas Gulf Coast, near Galveston, is set to become Camp Margaritaville RV Resort Crystal Beach by Winter 2022. The Bolivar Beach Club is currently undergoing renovations to fully embrace Camp Margaritaville’s signature experiences while maintaining the unique Texas amenities that make the beachfront RV resort a memorable vacation destination.

Hotel Vs. Airbnb: What is the best pick for your Vacation?

Choosing the appropriate accommodation plan is fundamental to having a successful vacation. Both hotels and Airbnb have something to offer; decide what you want to get out of your stay before making a decision. We’re all planning our next Vacation, and some aspects of travel will most likely change the next time you pack your bags.

U.S. News announces the 2022-23 Best Travel Rewards Programs

U.S. News & World Report, publisher of BestHotels, Best Cruise Lines and Best Vacations, revealed the 2022-2023 Best Travel Rewards Programs to assist everyday travelers with finding the best loyalty program for their travel needs. The 2022-2023 rankings highlight nine airline and 15 hotel loyalty programs that offer the best rewards and perks for everyday travelers. For the […]

Smart Hotels: Everything you need to know about the booming trend

Smart hotel technology is currently a crucial technological trend in the hospitality industry. It is designed with the capacity to benefit both the guest and the hotel owner by potentially improving the customer experience by making their stay better and easier.